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Over the next five years, CommonLands will turn one million families into first-time homeowners through community-owned, affordable, cooperative housing.
Building the world’s first decentralized, autonomous housing cooperative. Empowering the nation's working class.

Together, we will meet the massive demand for affordable housing by integrating blockchain technology into homeownership - putting property ownership in the hands of the tenants, not the landlord. Learn more.
The Problem

Barriers to homeownership increase with each passing decade due to the racist, classist, and inequitable nature of the real estate industry, resulting in an affordable housing crisis.
Our Solution

Empowering working communities to overcome traditional homeownership barriers by creating innovative, blockchain based, community-run, equitable, housing structures.
A Common Promise

We are for the community, by the community. We will take our profits and reinvest them in our organization to develop sustainable support for the communities we touch.
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