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CommonLands Community

Anyone that is interested in joining the Common Community has the ability to. Even if you are not interested in living in one of our homes or working with us, anyone is still welcome to join us. We offer spaces for our community members to work together, organize, heal, and support each other. One of the key ways we do this is by opening up CommonCenters open to all in the Common Community. We work to bring in local and national mutual aid groups, nonprofits, community organizations, and more to provide more accessibility and opportunities to our community members. All we ask is that you donate a “pay what you can” monthly rate to CommonLands for you and your family to access all that we strive to offer. Our priority is accessibility, so we mean it when we say anyone can join the Common Community!

Common Residents

Are you or a loved one looking for an affordable, permanent, housing alternative that allows you to own your property? Becoming a Common Resident with CommonLands could be the perfect housing for you. Our apartment complexes create a self-sufficient, welcoming environment that prioritizes our community members and homeowners, over profits. We are for the community, by the community, an organization that overcomes traditional homeownership barriers by creating community-run housing cooperatives.

​Common Partners

Common Partners are the organizations that we collaborate, work with, and support, both locally and nationally. CommonLands is not trying to reinvent the wheel, and believes wholeheartedly in order to support our community in the best way, we must do the work together rather than individually. That is why CommonLands and CommonDAO have launched two coalitions. The Housing Rights Coalition and the Real Estate on Chain Coalition. Our Housing Rights Coalition works to bring together communities and organizations in each city to support getting all of our neighbors in safe, accessible, permanent housing. Our Real Estate on Chain Coalition is made up of our housing organizations on chain, to create larger national plans to integrate blockchain-based housing both legally and successfully. If you think your organization would be a good fit to partner with CommonLands or be a part of one of these coalitions, let us know by emailing


CommonDAO Member

The CommonDAO is the first DAO CommonLands will launch. The CommonDAO will mimic a very similar financial style of social purpose REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts), but will be decentralized and run on chain. With the launch of CommonLands, the CommonDAO will open up 30 seats at 50 Etherum each. Members can own more than one membership if they are looking to financially contribute more to the organization, but can never own more than 9% of the organization. Membership represents the share in ownership of all financial and material gains of CommonDAO, in addition to receiving one governance vote per membership.  
The first members of CommonDAO have the opportunity to build a whole new ecosystem of on chain real estate for common people. The initial funds raised will go directly to CommonLands and the first initial properties in Philadelphia, but as a DAO it will be up to the DAO members to decide the next cities we go to and select the next type of properties to purchase. In addition, the CommonDAO will be developing the technology necessary to put real estate on chain and have a community-run governance portal on chain. With this tech creation and ownership, CommonDAO will have the opportunity to sell the technical product we use to other housing associations, realtor groups, and on chain property organizations. 

If you are interested in obtaining a seat in the CommonDAO and becoming a CommonDAO member, please reach out to founder Rebecca Lamis:


Want to join the CommonLands team? Check out our open on our careers page. Please note, a Common Coop can be started by any passionate person, not just CommonLands team members. Learn more about starting a Common Coop in your community. Don’t see the right job for you? Submit your resume and career interest to us and we will keep your details on file and send you an email any time we have a job that comes up in your field. 


Don’t see a Common Coop in your area? We want you to be a part of our community and have accessibility to affordable housing- so will work to make it happen! Send us an email and tell us about your community and interest today at

Take Action

We actively work to support our communities by participating in local mutual aid, organizing, and non-profit work, with a focus on supporting our unhoused community members and low-income families. If you are interested in volunteering with CommonLands, or supporting local community organizations, please contact us. We will be sure to connect you with a group that you have the time, interest and ability to support.

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