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Our Solution

The Decentralized Autonomous Housing Cooperative 

CommonLands will be creating the world’s first decentralized autonomous housing cooperative.  Our vision is to use the Decentralized Autonomous Organization model (that we are seeing in DeFi) and the Cooperative Housing structure to meet the market demand and create 2.5 million affordable housing units in the next 10 years. We will be able to meet the massive demand for affordable housing by using blockchain technology to automate the cooperative housing structure, creating a model that can quickly and easily be replicated and expanded to meet community needs. This will use crypto to fundamentally restructure how housing works - in America, and then around the world.

Through work and time in the Decentralized Finance community, along with research around affordable housing alternatives, I have found that a Housing Cooperative (coop, for short) is an implementation of a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (also known as a DAO). If we applied the best aspects of DAOs to coops, we could create a scalable solution to meet community housing needs and massively transform homeownership for low income families and vulnerable communities who face economic barriers to homeownership. Before describing the mechanics of this solution, I will further explain the current structures and concepts of both a coop and a DAO. 

Economic White Paper 

For more information on the details of our economic model, check out the document 

to the right, our economic white paper.  

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